About me

Photo: Mocsári László minap.hu

I was born in 1967. I lived in Kazincbarcika for two decades, now I live in Sajókeresztúr. I started shooting for movies. My first camera was a Soviet-made cheap box camera.

For me, photography is the best way to get to know the world and express myself. I deny that any objectivity should be sought in the images. It is not the task of the creator to capture the so-called "reality". My pictures are the projection of my inner world, opinion formation, value judgment. My themes are the naked female body, the mysterious, never-to-be-understood female gender, the worlds that exist only in imagination or dreams.

I am a regular participant and organizer of summer creative camps, joint exhibitions, international competitions. I have pictures on 42 countries in five continents.


Camera Photo Club, Kazincbarcika since 1990

Association of Felföldi Photographers since 1993

World Association of Hungarian Photographers since 2014


2006: Artist FIAP (AFIAP)

2009: Excellence FIAP (EFIAP)

2016: Artist MAFOSZ* (A-MAFOSZ)

2019: Artist MAFOSZ* bronze (A-MAFOSZ/b)

2020: Excellence FIAP Bronze (EFIAP/b)

2021: Artist MAFOSZ* silver (A-MAFOSZ/s)

2022: Artist MAFOSZ* gold (A-MAFOSZ/g)

2022: Excellence FIAP Silver (EFIAP/s)

*Association of Hungarian Photo Clubs


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